Ramadan has come

So it’s the best time of the year for Muslims officially. It’s taken me a few days to actually blog about it.  I feel like I must post food pictures.  Ironically, in Ramadan, Muslims are Not supposed to eat all day, but all we think about is food.  There is the usual stuff, like thinking about the poor, giving charity, worship and all that.  However, food is also an integral part.  This food brings people together as Ramadan should.  It’s probably the only time of the year I actually have to make it a point in my family to eat dinner with my parents. Sad, I know, but that’s life.  I’ve decided I will be posting a series of Ramadan posts, either reminders, or songs that I like and Especially the food I may decide to make.  One such food plate is what my family traditionally makes in Ramadan.  You see, Muslims come from all walks of life, which for me is the best part.  We all break our fast as Muslims but we have our own traditional foods.  My family is originally from Pakistan, so that means FRIED FOOD YAY!!!!! I’m so happy! I told myself I wouldn’t eat fried food all month, so much for that idea! hahah!  I made a fruit salad which we call Fruit Chaat. It’s basically a bunch of fruit cut up and juice poured in a bowl, any kind of juice will do but I use Orange.  Only a little will do. I also put black peppar, sugar and chaat masala.  I don’t always put the latter because it causes heart burn unfortunately.  The rest is my favorite fried food, we make these wontons called samosa, some people make them from scratch with actual dough but I don’t, I make them using wontons. Makes it so much easier!  I fill them with either ground beef or potato and a bunch of spices.  The BEST are my pakoras. A pakora is like a hashbrown, it’s made with chickpea flour mixed in water and a bunch of spices and I like to add either potato or chicken and then I deep fry the pakora and samosa.  I like to side it with some chutney which I make with mint.  I also have dates and nimbo panni which is basically limeade.  This is like the best iftar anyone could ask for.  This is why we need to remember the poor who can not afford this every single day.food


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