My Masterpiece

My Masterpiece

I make the most amazing pasta not gonna lie. I don’t usually brag, but food’s the rare topic that I do have to brag about. I don’t even do anything that difficult with pasta. It’s practically already ready I just add my own spices to the powder that’s already there.  I just take one of those suddenly salad boxes and follow the directions on the box for the sauce and THEN the masterpiece begins:

  1. Add these along with some black pepper to the bowl of sauce you just made from the box. A pinch of everything should do it. Note: If you’re making the one that calls for a half cup of mayo, don’t put a half a cup. A few table spoons and some milk should do it.


2. Cut up some veggies. Cut them up like about about inch in size. The tinier the better and crunchier the better.

3. Put them in bowl mentioned above and mix it all together. Use the cheese and fried onions later.


4. Bowl the noodles.


5. Put the noodles in the bowl and garnish with crushed up fried onions and some cheese and there you go, you have a masterpiece. You can also add meat like some crushed up turkey bacon bits or some fajita chicken that can be made with sliced up chicken breast that’s fried in various spices or a cut up boiled egg. I made this one with just raw veggies:

Finished masterpiece! 🙂

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