5 minute mango lassi

Mango lassi is one of my favorite drinks. It’s best in the summer time, but I could honestly drink it all day, everyday.  Lassi is a south Asian drink that originated in Punjab and has many variations.  Generally it’s made with milk and yogurt, but my favorite is with mango. I’ve also found that it can consist of several ingredients like honey and sugar and salt, but the kind I make doesn’t take very long and has fewer ingredients. You could even add saffron and almonds, but I don’t think that’s necessary. It tastes amazing!


First start out with getting mangoes or mango pulp whichever one you have greater access to is fine. If you have mangoes use about 3-4 sliced up (I generally don’t measure, just to taste). For this I used about a half or even a quarter of container of mango pulp. Add milk and yogurt and mango to a blender.  Again, for the milk and yogurt it’s really to taste but a few tablespoons of yogurt and about half a cup of milk should do it. Also take 3 cardomom pods and add the seeds to the blender and then blend it all for five minutes.  You can also check after you’ve blended it to see if you need more milk or yogurt.  For me, it definitely depends on taste. Add ice to crush in the blender as well.  You can also add water to make it not as thick.  This is a quick and easy drink that is delicious! There’s nothing else that needs to be added.  There is no sugar necessary!

Finished product!

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