Recipes part 1

I’ve decided I want to come up with an American Halal restaurant. I haven’t decided what it’s going to be called and nor have I entirely decided on the menu.  The problem is I just make what I’m craving at that moment.  The idea sprung up with my latest obsession with turkey bacon. Turkey bacon is basically the best thing in the world on any type of food.  I decided there needs to be an American Halal restaurant because all the Halal restaurants I’ve ever been to my entire life have only ever been either Middle Eastern or Desi. Honestly if you want to bring people together in this country, food is the way to do it.  Besides, I’ve had a HUGE pet peeve when it comes to food. I’ve heard people say they like “Islamic food”.  Well, what exactly is Islamic food?  For me it’s food that simply is halal (or zabiha if you keep zabiha-that’s a whole other discussion) and doesn’t have any pork or alcohol in it.  A pizza can be Islamic food as long as it meets that criteria.  Islamic Food DOES NOT have to strictly only be Middle Eastern or Desi food.  That’s one of the main reasons I want to have turkey bacon in my imaginary restaurant.  I also want it so that I can have a place to eat and not have to worry about what has pork and what doesn’t.  So far I’ve started with breakfasts. I’m thinking I will post a series of blogs for breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and maybe even holiday ideas.  These foods will be only slightly spicey to combine a sort of Desi flavor with American foods, just so I can add the fusion and some dishes may not. I haven’t decided.  I’m also obsessed with all things deep fried. I Really want deep fried food. Besides the fried food, to make myself feel slightly better turkey bacon is better for you anyway because it has less fat so not only would I get the halal factor, it can be for anyone if they choose the less fatty option.  Fried food is only an option, but a good one in my opinion. 😛

First breakfast recipe will be posted here:

Scrambled eggs

Beat 2 eggs and add green onions, green chilies that are smashed up super tiny, salt & pepper and a series of other spices. I used this Garlic and Herb spice and a little bit of red chili powder if I want. It really just depends right now. You can add various spices like you don’t really need red chili powder.  Garlic and Herb should do it or just Garlic Powder-anything Garlic is amazing. Put that aside.

Take turkey bacon slices and cut them into bits or if you can find turkey bacon bits use those and fry those.

Then add hash browns to that mix and fry that and then add the eggs and some cheese.  Fry it all together, not separately and it is DELICIOUS.  Mix it all together so the eggs get scrambled.

You can also turn that into an omelette if you want. I have found that cooking it all together is better than frying eggs and hash browns separately because it gets cold. I don’t add milk or anything to the eggs.

I am a culinary genius and I’ve only just now figured this out. I cook what I want.



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