Breakfast Egg sandwich

So I basically made a heart attack on a plate the other day.  It was probably super bad for you, but tasted oh so good.  I basically made an omelette with the same spices I used for scrambled eggs, but I cut in half. I then fried slices of turkey bacon and hash browns.  I put one piece of the omelet on a piece of bread and then topped that with hash browns and turkey bacon and  a slice of cheese.  You can use one piece of bread or two to make it a whole sandwich or just a piece of toast.  Also, add pico de gallo. I didn’t add it that time, but I want to because it’ll make it amazing.  Melt the cheese a little bit, but not too much.  The other piece of omelet can be on the side with extra hash browns.  This can honestly be made into two meals for people who like or dislike bread in their breakfast.  It can also be served with or without turkey bacon.  Here’s a pic without the pico de gallo.  I will post more pics of food masterpieces later.  The pico de gallo should be on top of the turkey bacon or hash browns.  If it’s any consolation, turkey bacon I’ve heard is better for you than regular bacon besides the fact that I can’t eat regular bacon anyway, turkey bacon looks like it has less fat. So it was Sort of healthy 😛 hahabreakfast sandwich.jpg

FullSizeRender (1)


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