Historical Tolerance

So I watched a movie called, “The Physician” with my sister a while back. It’s loosely based off the story of Ibn Sina. For anyone who is not aware, Ibn Sina was a great scientist of Islamic History. Yes, I said it, great scientist of Islamic History. People from all over came to study from him as well as many other scientists and philosophers of the Age. I could honestly write a book on forgotten Islamic History if I tried.

As I watched the film that’s all I thought about. I kept thinking to myself if people would just study the scientists and philosophers of Islamic History, the world could be a better place.  These topics have been taken for granted.  I want to write a story about a girl who time travels to the time of the Islamic scholars and learns from them, particularly the female ones.  There’s much that can be learned if it’s just remembered.

Take this picture for example.  This is the main scene that struck out in the entire movie for me.  This shows a Muslim teacher with his Christian and Jewish pupils working together to save a life.  In the world we live in today, this message means a lot.  Given recent events in the news, Muslims have already stressed enough that the actions of a few don’t determine the whole and quite frankly I’m sick of making that announcement.  All I will say is that at one point Muslims, Christians and Jews learned together and it’s time they all remembered their history.  It’s time for people to look into the good in the world.  Even the other day I saw a video about this fire fighter in Pakistan that teaches poor Muslim and Christian kids in a park.  These are the types of people we need to look to for a proper example about how humanity should treat one another.



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