Top 7 places I’d visit if I were the Doctor

The problem with visiting places whilst being The Doctor is that some things are set, they are fixed points in time and can not be changed. Unless you’re Moffat and decide to bring Clara back from the dead with no pulse. However, I bet I could come up with a top 10 list of my own regardless of what Moffat says, I’m going to pretend like there is no such thing as a fixed point and I can change and do whatever the hell I want. Ok so I came up with 7, not 10 because I can’t think of anymore.

7. Ancient Egypt-Just because it would be fun and The Doctor is only ever in and out of Cardiff and probably Glassglow lol.

6. Pakistan-long before the partian just because I want to actually see history in the making. I may even have to get involved and put in my own opinions on the matter. Thereby changing the future too. Also, I’d love to see a Tardis in the motherland.

5. Four years ago-so I can kick my own butt into finishing my work.

4. A bunch of wars-because I would try to stop them, because I’m the Doctor ok, I can do that single handed.

3. I’d stop by all the civilizations that the Prophets came from and witness their lives first hand.

2. Around 600 AD in the Middle East so I could witness the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and I’d stick around just so I could witness the entire civilization that followed later.

1. Two years ago-so I can save those I care about.


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