Why do I overthink?

As I sit and stare at my thesis paper, rather than actually write it all I can think about is how am I gonna defend it? Yes, I know, I kind of have to write it before I defend it. However, I end up worrying about how I would defend it particularly if my professor changes her mind and thinks defending it online is crazy and I’ve to go 8hrs to defend it. Not to mention my parents will kill me. I was supposed to have this shit done like 4yrs ago. Better late than never. So the topic is on Linguistic Acquisition Through the Use of Music. I want to talk about music and poetry. Poetry I would probably talk about briefly but ok honestly Music and Poetry are intertwined. Why I have to differentiate between the two totally baffles my mind. Combining all my interests of music and poetry and cultural sensitivity all into a paper about teaching English as a Second Language isn’t easy. Atleast I have different music which is suppose to be motivating. Not much motivates me these days. All I really want to write about is cultural sensitivity. Even then, I start overthinking! I start thinking about how in some educational settings people suck at being culturally sensitive. Then I start thinking about shit going on in the world. Namely Syria. Or people having to leave their homes cuz of the shitty regimes they are trying to get away from. But then also end up either being coerced or persuaded to convert to Christianity from Islam so not only are they leaving their homeland they are leaving their heritage. Could I Be anymore depressed right now? I just watched a lecture basically discussing assimilation vs. acculturation. Acculturation basically means moving to a different country but then not forgetting who you are.

Maybe overthinking isn’t such a bad thing as much as people make it out to be. Just goes to show how I can think of like 50 different things at once. The key is organizing it so I can write a stupid paper. All I want to do is talk about cultural sensitivity and music/poetry. Being a citizen of the entire world can get pretty damn complicated, but that’s for another time.


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