Month: September 2015

A day to remember

Today is a day to remember. A day to remember for many reasons. Today marks a special day for me as a Muslim. Today is a Friday. Today marks approximately a week (or less) to the Muslim Holiday of Eid Al-Adha. During this time, up until Eid millions of people are currently in Makkah & Medina getting ready to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. For those of us who aren’t aren’t on the pilgrimage, we fast. In addition to all that, today marks the 14th anniversary of 9/11.

For Muslims, Friday is a day to remember God. Of course Muslims are taught to remember God everyday, but Friday is a most special occasion. Friday is the day that Muslims wear their best, go to a mosque, and listen to a sermon. This sermon is usually about remembering God and reminds us to be better people in our societies in which we live.  In order to become better members of our societies, we must better ourselves. Acts of worship such as going to a weekly service or on a pilgrimage serve this purpose.

With the pilgrimage almost underway, Muslims around the world are on a spiritual high, if you will. Whether on the pilgrimage or not, it’s on everyone’s minds. While in Makkah, a pilgrim is surrounded by millions of people in the exact same act of worship as him/herself. He/she is surrounded by Islamic history whilst taking part in ritual reenactments during the pilgrimage. Then going to Medina to visit the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s grave. Each of the days spent there can barely be described except by using words like a “sense of calm” and “tranquility”. The kindness that one experiences in Medina is incomparable to anywhere else in the world. It’s honestly almost as if the Prophet’s spirit is on everyone’s faces there. It’s through these acts of worship that Muslims become stronger in their faith.

Through acts of worship, Muslims are reminded of the essence of Islam which is peace. The generosity that one experiences in Medina expresses this essence.  Each Muslim is required to love their neighbors whether they are Muslim or not.  I loved it in Medina because someone told me I was pretty! 🙂

Being in Makkah and Medina during a pilgrimage also prepares one for tests they may experience in their daily lives. Everyone is tested in different ways and one such test is through a specific traumatic event. One such event that was most horrific for Muslims and Non-Muslims alike was that of 9/11. Everyone was affected by 9/11 in different ways. Everyone was saddened by the loss of lives on that day. Muslims were affected because the peaceful nature of our religion was called into question on that day. Time and time again, Muslims have had to explain that the actions of a few do not determine the whole. Countless examples of peace and love in our religion were questioned on that day. Muslims mourn the loss of life on that day along with their fellow Americans. On this day, this Friday, this anniversary of 9/11 Muslims remember the lives lost and the lives affected by those horrific events. As our religion tells us, we pray for peace around the world. This is a day that no one can forget because everyone was affected in one way or another. Everything changed for Muslims living in America after 9/11. In a way, it made Muslims stronger, because as the American principle suggests, United We Stand, Divided we fall. This goes for all members of a society, not just the Muslim ones. Muslims have always been willing to answer any questions people may have, now more than ever. Muslim and non-Muslim Americans are neighbors in this society and treat eachother as such. On this day we remember American as well as religious values of peace, and love and tolerance. This day we remember the lives that were changed forever.


Why do I overthink?

As I sit and stare at my thesis paper, rather than actually write it all I can think about is how am I gonna defend it? Yes, I know, I kind of have to write it before I defend it. However, I end up worrying about how I would defend it particularly if my professor changes her mind and thinks defending it online is crazy and I’ve to go 8hrs to defend it. Not to mention my parents will kill me. I was supposed to have this shit done like 4yrs ago. Better late than never. So the topic is on Linguistic Acquisition Through the Use of Music. I want to talk about music and poetry. Poetry I would probably talk about briefly but ok honestly Music and Poetry are intertwined. Why I have to differentiate between the two totally baffles my mind. Combining all my interests of music and poetry and cultural sensitivity all into a paper about teaching English as a Second Language isn’t easy. Atleast I have different music which is suppose to be motivating. Not much motivates me these days. All I really want to write about is cultural sensitivity. Even then, I start overthinking! I start thinking about how in some educational settings people suck at being culturally sensitive. Then I start thinking about shit going on in the world. Namely Syria. Or people having to leave their homes cuz of the shitty regimes they are trying to get away from. But then also end up either being coerced or persuaded to convert to Christianity from Islam so not only are they leaving their homeland they are leaving their heritage. Could I Be anymore depressed right now? I just watched a lecture basically discussing assimilation vs. acculturation. Acculturation basically means moving to a different country but then not forgetting who you are.

Maybe overthinking isn’t such a bad thing as much as people make it out to be. Just goes to show how I can think of like 50 different things at once. The key is organizing it so I can write a stupid paper. All I want to do is talk about cultural sensitivity and music/poetry. Being a citizen of the entire world can get pretty damn complicated, but that’s for another time.

There’s so much more to life

I just watched a 20 min video on culture vs. religion. Through out the video I could think about was how we were created in different tribes and nations to learn from one another.

Lately all I can think about is how not many people actually follow that principle. Not only do people judge a potential match from where a person is from but what they look like! What happened to the good old days when a person was judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin or even their weight?

Earlier today I had a shocking discussion about how this woman was actually asked if their child looked regular. All I could think of was a piece of steak being well done or medium rare. All I want is to be judged by my character and nothing else.

A bit about me

With the encouragement of some friends, I’ve decided to start blogging. I’ll just be using this as my own diary so it’ll pretty much be about anything.  I’ve decided I will break it down to categories.  I will talk about foods I like to cook or I’ve had that I didn’t necessarily cook.  I’ll reflect on music and movies that I find meaningful.  Aside from food, social justice issues are very important to me so I’ll probably reacting to things going on in the world or in my life.